[Article] 8 Startups Offering Safe Workplace Tech For Back-To-Office Businesses

Jun 24th, 2020Source : Inc42
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The coronavirus has changed the definition and the perception of safe workplaces. From creating a conducive atmosphere to boost productivity, businesses have had to look at social distancing, sanitation measures. As our interactions with the world are permanently altered, anything that fulfills the demand for low-touch interactions, health, and safety measures is thriving. In the words of a New York-based strategy and business design firm, the Board of Innovation, we are living in the ‘low touch economy’.

And in this new reality, products like foot-operated door openers, WhatsApp message-powered elevators, pedal-activated sanitiser dispensers, and face shields have become the new essentials. This has also had an effect on our offices, wherein a range of new products and services have been built to ensure socially distant functioning in this post-covid era.

The list includes solutions such as facial recognition technology for employee attendance, touch-free temperature checks, mask detection, sanitisation tunnels and location tracking, among others. Here’s how startups are creating safe workplaces.

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