[Article] As Our Work Lives Become More Dynamic, Offices Need to Match

Oct 7th, 2020Source : Propmodo Studio
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Not too long ago we welcomed routine. We got up, went to work in the morning and left in the evenings, our commutes were long, we sat at the same desk with a picture of our dog, and we rushed home for family dinner. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked well enough. Now, our lives are much less structured. We wake up, maybe put pants on, and decide where we want to set up our electronics for the day. This freeform working style has taught us how to work dynamically. We have learned to weave in and out of tasks, juggling meetings, and dishes and dogs and self-care somewhat effortlessly. This freedom won’t be easy to give up.

But at the same time, we miss the office. We miss interactions with our co-workers that haven’t been scheduled days in advance or hearing about the cookouts over the weekend. We even miss the routine, the podcast that fits neatly into our commutes, and stopping off to buy that great loaf of bread from the market for family dinner. If we want to continue to work dynamically, yet live that office life, at least sometimes, then we must adapt our offices to be as flexible as we are. In comes the dynamic workplace.

Just what is a dynamic workplace, you ask? It’s an adjustable environment, one that is constantly adapting to meet the needs of the people that use it. It has flexible desk seating, or seating that combines fixed and flexible options. It can give feedback to those that manage it and it can let us choose who we sit with. It can take changing health recommendations into consideration and rearrange seating to match the new requirements. It’s something Smarten Spaces has implemented into the vision with their new Jumpree WorkFlex product to address current space and remote work challenges. It is everything we want from an office and nothing that we don’t.

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