[BLOG] Digitize Your Hybrid Work Environment With the Right Technology

Nov 9th, 2021
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Disruption. Evolution. Transformation. CHANGE. The rapid development of new business practices has accelerated the need for digital transformation across the globe. Companies are now digitizing every aspect of their business at alarming rates: in fact, expanding the share of digitally enabled products in their portfolios has ramped up considerably, from three to seven years.

Indeed, as workforce needs and business priorities continue to shift, industry leaders are collectively focusing on the digital space, seeking out and integrating the latest technologies as they remodel their approach to work. This includes—but is not limited to—the adoption of innovative AI-driven platforms to manage and support a hybrid work environment.

To effectively implement a productive hybrid workplace model, company leadership must rethink and redefine traditional processes and procedures. Organizations that can reframe their perspective will find newer and more efficient ways to share information, promote collaboration and encourage creative thinking among team members through interconnected devices rather than a single physical workplace. The right hybrid work technology will deliver a seamless experience for everyone across the org, from the C-suite to the newest intern.

The Problem? Clunky, Disconnected Software Fixes

The key to an effective hybrid work environment is connecting spaces and people. The problem is that clunky, incompatible technology is still the norm. The issue is exacerbated in a hybrid workspace where employees may be using their personal computers and other devices. Many organizations have also created data silos based on the technology tools and data management systems they use. As departments (Facilities, Real Estates, Finance, IT, Administration, and HR) operate differently, they use different technology tools and solutions. Legacy systems and point solutions, in most cases, were not designed to facilitate easy information sharing as each solution stores and manages data differently and is often proprietary to the original vendor.

With the advent of the cloud, it has become possible to centralize data from diverse sources to make it easily accessible from anywhere, including offices, homes, and remote locations. Cloud data solutions help remove the technology barriers to collaboration and offer a ready solution for connecting siloed units. Integrating disparate business units using cloud technologies and cloud data warehouses creates a cohesive ecosystem.

The Solution? Manage Your Hybrid Work Environment with Smarten Spaces

With Smarten Spaces, multiple departments can collaborate with fresh, clean, and timely data in a single platform that scales as needed. Integrate scheduling with Outlook, Gmail, and more! Integrate with virtual collaboration tools including Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet, or Skype. Integrate with sensors to monitor room occupancy, environmental monitoring, and building management system controls. Leveraging our award-winning and powerful AI technology, Smarten Spaces provides a 360-degree view, giving workers perspective within the context of the entire organization, and how all operational areas affect each other.

Before the pandemic, some organizations were trying to retain top talent by embracing a more flexible work model. Now, after the pandemic, with most working from home (and in order to stay competitive in a global talent market) organizations that do not invest in a more fulfilling employee experience, failing to meet new demands for autonomy and flexibility at work, will find employees voting with their feet.

With technology enabling people to work anywhere, anytime the digital workspace has been touted as an emerging fourth space. A new, hybrid work environment gives workers more flexibility to handle all of the things that matter in their lives, as well as reducing or eliminating the time lost on commuting.

That, in turn, results not only in more efficient work habits but a better ability to retain talented people. But those benefits only arise if everyone gets the information they need in a timely manner and team members can reliably stay in touch and collaborate without a hitch. That depends on the right kind of technology to keep everyone connected, no matter where they are.
Smarten Spaces was designed as a full-features digital workplace solution with just such challenges in mind. By deploying one cutting-edge platform to handle everything, you can organize and connect your team in myriad ways to make the new hybrid work environment work for you. Here’s how our technology can help you make your workplace smarter.

The World’s First Hybrid Work Scheduler

  • Empower managers and employees to build work-from-home and work-from office flexible schedules with AI-based recommendations for improved collaboration.
  • Create your own schedule and come to work on days after capacity management has been implemented.
  • Managers and employees can create teams and personal schedules respectively.
  • Assist managers and employees in planning the most productive and engaging hybrid schedules to optimize collaboration.
  • Smarten Spaces’ scheduling features can be synced with desk management, are adjustable, and updated in real-time.

Hot Desking

  • Flexible Desk Booking: Reserve flexible desks in real-time with visibility into desk amenities and seat assignments. Visualize team and colleagues' schedules to choose your optimal in-office days. Use AI-based recommendations to provide you with best the seating options based on learned preferences. Let the Hybrid Work Scheduler secure a seat based on your in-office schedule.
  • Analytics: By monitoring utilization, our app helps you analyze your space usage and note inefficiencies, reducing the cost of wasted space. Track space occupancy, note workflow levels, and analyze the data in real-time, allowing you to redesign your workspace to fit the unique demands of your company.
  • People and Way Finder: the user-friendly app helps workers and guests find both their desks and those of their colleagues, as well as navigate their way to meeting rooms and other key amenities.

Smart Meeting Room Booking

  • Schedule collaborative spaces from anywhere or reserve meeting rooms from the Jumpree mobile app or integrated workplace scheduling solutions.
  • Book meeting rooms on the fly with real-time occupancy views. Check meeting room capacity and amenities.
  • Our app gives you the ability to monitor real-time occupancy status in a given room or floor, allowing you to automatically adhere to occupancy limits.

Workplace Experience App

  • Provide a connected digital workplace experience for customers, employees, vendors, and visitors on a single workplace platform.
  • Brings together nearly everything an employee needs and makes it all available in a single smartphone app.
  • In addition to saving time and improving the employee experience, integrate existing systems and IoT devices with over 80 out-of-the-box workplace integrations.

Employee Engagement

  • Community Feed: the secure workplace platform provides easy access to important information, company updates, and news all in one place.
  • Visitor Management System: A mobile-first interface to monitor and control access to your rooms, floors, and buildings. Our tech stores digital keys in a secure cloud service that’s sent directly to employees and visitors, eliminating the need for any physical access cards and keys.
  • Get real-time insights on your entire building like occupancy and inventory data while enforcing safety regulations.

Employee Safety

  • Visitor Management System: A mobile-first interface to monitor and control access to your rooms, floors, and buildings. Our tech stores digital keys in a secure cloud service that’s sent directly to employees and visitors, eliminating the need for any physical access cards and keys. Get real-time insights on your entire building like occupancy and inventory data while enforcing safety regulations.
  • Access Control: Allow access to entry/exit points via a single app. Manage all entry/exit points digitally via the Smarten Spaces dashboard. Implement safety measures across various locations easily.
  • Health Screening: Require personalized health declaration digital forms to monitor regulatory and/or company rules for building access. Upload vaccination status cards for approval with workflow automation. Record temperature checks at access points.
  • Contact Tracing: Keep your employees healthy through contact tracing logs, and analytics updated with real-time information.
  • Occupancy Control and Social Distancing: Automate social distancing by uploading your floor plan. The app limits occupancy based on regulatory and/or company policy by desk, manager preference, or building location. Control people flow and prevent overcrowding. View work-from-home and work-from-office occupancy percentages including individuals, teams, and departments.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Digital workspaces are the way of the future, and yours needs to be agile, comprehensive, and easy to access if you want to reap the benefits. Enhanced flexibility —allowing employees to craft their work experience without losing productivity—can lead to improved effectiveness and countless hours of saved time. But only if you have the right platform.

Smarten Spaces employs groundbreaking AI tech to create the hybrid work environment you need with reliable, easy-to-access features, and the ability to tailor them to your company’s unique requirements.

Our dynamic Hybrid Workplace Solution can help you seamlessly transition into a hybrid workspace, and Smarten Spaces is adjustable to address whatever changes the future may bring. If you need the right digital tools to help take advantage of the new business normal, schedule a virtual demo or speak to us today. We’re just a click away!