[Article] Dinesh Malkani, CEO of Smarten Spaces, on the tech underpinning hybrid workplaces

Nov 26th, 2020Source : People Matters
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Over the last four months, Dinesh Malkani, CEO of global workplace technology brand Smarten Spaces, has been busy: he and his team have rolled out deployments for hybrid workspaces across 43 major cities in 14 countries, and they expect this growth curve to continue over the next three to six months.

"We had the technology at the right time," he told People Matters. The former President of Cisco Systems India, Dinesh founded Smarten Spaces in 2017 along with other former members of the Cisco India leadership team, and when the pandemic happened, they became very busy adjusting their technology for the new normal. "Our first version was on safety and security, the second version was on flexible workspaces, and now it covers the entire end to end space management aspect of the hybrid workplace which is good space management," he said.

In this conversation, he shares his thoughts on what the hybrid workplace involves, technology-wise, and where it might be going next.

From your perspective as a technopreneur in digitized spaces, what would the ideal hybrid workplace look like?

It is a matter of using technology to bring culture, workspace optimization, and work priorities together. Let's look at what's been happening since the first phase. We feel isolated, and so we want to get back to the office, but we don't want to go there every day.

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